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ASID Legacy of Design Awards

1st PLACE : DESIGN HOUSE for Best non-primary Residential Home!! The design team ( Connie LeFevre, Jennifer Renner, Amanda Lockhart, & Jin Lee Bang) were proud to accept another 1st place award, with all the creativity and fun challenges in designing the gorgeous property in Colorado... more exciting news to come..stay tuned!

PaperCity 2013 Design Awards

Design House winner 2013 Papercity Design Awards!! for Exterior/Garden Residential Design!!

Design House in CultureMap

Houston's top designers decked the tables in a holiday showcase. Check out Design House and the work of Connie LeFevre in Culture Map.      

Houston Design Center Annual Cruise Party – Russia!

WINNER!..Judges voted on Best Ports of Call for: Best Décor - Chilling in St. Petersburg by Design House, Inc. The People’s Choice for Best Port of Call was awarded to: St. Petersburg by Design House, Inc.

What is NEW in flooring?! A few innovative and cool options for your floors…

underwater wood flooring, musical floors, wood floors for kids to color, liquid floors, color changing floor tiles, innovations in flooring, new types of flooring

Are CFL’s Dangerous and what are the pros and cons of the changing light bulbs?

The evolution of the light bulbs

So what will replace the 100 watt light bulb?

So what will replace the 100 watt light bulb as of Jan. 1, 2012?  One option is the halogen A19 light.  This bulb is a 72 watt incandescent that has halogen technology.  Another option to get the same amount of light is the 26 watt CFL (compact fluorescent light).  Just get the warm tone one [...]

Evolution of lighting causes interior designer bulb hoarding?

Have you been storing light bulbs like a squirrel because you heard the government was banning incandescent light bulbs?  You are not alone, but no, they are not.  However, the wattage is being trimmed.   At the start of 2012, the 100 watt bulb will not be available but it must produce the same amount of [...]

Is your kitchen making you FAT? Houston Designers think maybe…

Is your kitchen making you fat?  Interesting article out of the UK recently paralleled how as kitchens have almost doubled in size since l920, women have added on average half an inch to their busts, an inch to their waists and three-quarters of an inch to their hips each decade.  Have we made this “heart [...]

Technology has improved fabrics! Both Luxurious and Practical Fabrics available at Fabric House in Houston!

With todays advancements in technology, we can now have chenille's and woven fabrics for our outdoor spaces and luxurious and practical fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach. We have a large variety to chose from at our new Fabric House in the Houston Design Center! Please contact us if you would like any information on these gorgeous performance fabrics! Also, visit our website at or call us at 713.864.7550!

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