For Those Who Said Gray Was On the Way Out

Check out Pantone’s “In Praise of Gray!”  They say heading into autumn/winter 2019/20, they see grays as a key color for cars, paint, home textiles and interiors.  From the cool tones to the warm, light to more intense dark shades, gray is a color for a lot of solutions.

You can make a space warmer or cooler depending on its location, setting, surrounding surfaces, and the style of the structure in which you are creating the environment, because there are so many blends.  Then you can go as monotone as the situation and client want, making use of different textures, or add an almost endless array of accent colors, whether pastel or primary.

To me, gray is the “ground” of our colors from nature.  The Pantone Rainy Day, Quiet Gray, Silver Filigree and Excalibur are a sophisticated base to build on with endless accents.  Check them out below!

There are many items on our showroom floor at Design House that we can special order that will bring some GRAY into your home! See below a small sampling.

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