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Nautical Themed Decor for Summertime

Nothing makes a home feel "beachy" like furnishings that have a nautical touch. Stripes, knots, and seashells can make you taste that salty sea air, whether you're decorating a beach house or a bedroom miles away from the nearest beach. The Design House Showroom has those special items that can give any space a nautical [...]

Easy Tips to Get Your Home Summer Ready

June 21st marks the first day of summer, but for most children summer break just started.  Summertime is usually connected to outside activities like pools, parks, and family vacations, but who says your home can't feel summery?  Follow one of more of the below easy tips, to "summerfy" your home! Tip One: Declutter your home and [...]

Technology has improved fabrics! Both Luxurious and Practical Fabrics available at Fabric House in Houston!

With todays advancements in technology, we can now have chenille's and woven fabrics for our outdoor spaces and luxurious and practical fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach. We have a large variety to chose from at our new Fabric House in the Houston Design Center! Please contact us if you would like any information on these gorgeous performance fabrics! Also, visit our website at or call us at 713.864.7550!

WE “Nailed” IT !

Showroom inventory of 2011, upholstered pieces with the use of nailhead trims.

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