2020 Vision for Interior Design

As we begin 2020, perhaps I’m relating it to good vision, but I’m feeling it too.  For the start of this new decade, I’ve made my own actually “doable” resolutions, how about you?  Personally, I’m going to start clean and relieve some stress by deleting my email backlog.  Just thinking about it, makes me happy and excited!  If I didn’t address it by now, it couldn’t be that important.  Too much time is spent sorting through email when I need to schedule some “me” time, with schedule being the key to success here.  This includes alone time, where I will practice mindfulness and hopefully regular massages.  I will connect with old friends for dinner and catch up.  And speaking of eating, I will take more time to shop and prepare fruit and veggies; and while I am shopping, I will pick up fresh flowers, a habit I’ve started doing regularly in the high-rise, since I don’t have my home and garden any more.  I have introduced more house plants.  I even had three lemons on my little balcony lemon tree!

2020 Vision

So, here is a compilation of the 2020 interior design predictions that I have noticed, and how some fit in with my personal 2020 vision and others with my business.  Perhaps they will go into your 2020 resolutions as well.

Work Life Balance

Balance and wellness in life is an important topic on my list and applies to both personal and business parts of my life.  For interiors we have the sit/stand desks that are recommended for improving posture and relieving neck and back pains like this Elon Desk by Hooker Furniture.  In the coming year you will start to see chairs that will gage your posture, tell you when it is time to stand or walk around and to not slouch.  We will start to see more attention given to making the office environment a more comfortable and efficient space.  Living walls will continue to be used more for health and stress both in commerical and residential environments.  And that brings us to another popular prediction – biophilia.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design involves our connection with nature and earth.  It has health, environmental and economic benefits.  The return of plants to the environment will be popular and beneficial to us both at home and at work.  Living walls will be used more in office environments to bring nature in, but also in the homes to provide plants on a wall in a limited space.  Interior plants and flowers will have a strong presence.  Design House used this concept by adding a faux tree to a common area in Memorial Drive United Methodist Church to bring nature inside for the children’s area.  A few good examples of living walls that you can see around Houston are Mendocino Farms Restaurant, HEB and Shake Shack.

Nature is an antidote to our digital fatigue, and is touted as reducing stress and increasing energy.  Of course this can be taking walks, or any outdoor activity, but for interior design it might include bringing plants or flowers into your home or improving your outdoor living and dining space. Perhaps it is introducing florals or nature into your space with fabrics, wallcovering, art, and artifacts.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb because technology and 3D printing is bringing us very realistic artificial plants. 

Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose

Conscious consumption is a big topic of conversation and concern for the new decade.  There will be more awareness and we will become more eco-friendly, by using sustainable items and monitoring the amount of waste we produce.  For interior design we can do a better job of specifying recyclable products and repurposing existing products.  Design House was able to use left scraps of wood from custom furniture for the project to create a unique, statement wall for the sanctuary at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church The Well.  Hopefully, we will also have more people educated about their home furnishings, by not trying to just fill spaces, but waiting to get the right pieces.  These place fillers are not only wasteful and probably destined for the landfill, but they can ruin the space and set the wrong vibe.  As for the direction of furniture, many predict the return of the classics, but with some playful touches.  Neotenic furniture and accessories are out there, which are chunky, organic shaped pieces, and very different from the midcentury that has been popular.  Some describe this as fat furniture.  Hmmm, I hope that is not something too trendy and discarded.

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church The Well detail of statement wall

Technology Impact

The internet and how it has made our world so much smaller and interconnected is wonderful but can also become a big time consumer.   It has introduced us to new cultures, artists, chefs, customs and beliefs.  The design industry will continue to use all of this in the variety of interiors that we design on this global stage and must become more comfortable and knowledgeable with all of it.  These communications will continue to inspire and inform.  It also will promote more working from home or different areas with flexible hours, and the Home Hub will be used more in the coming year.

Colors of 2020

And last, another direction I am seeing for 2020 is more gender neutral color options.  We will steer clear of gendered labels and colors, options and forms.  And you can see the pink/blush color still used in more common spaces and not just effeminate uses.  And speaking of color, of course Classic Blue is the Pantone color of the year and Naval is Sherwin Williams, both very similar and reminiscent of the sky at dusk- nature again. 

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

For some reason, maybe it is the sub conscious 2020 vision thing, but I think a lot of us are feeling optimistic for a happy and prosperous New Year.  We certainly wish that for you!

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