Are CFL’s Dangerous and what are the pros and cons of the changing light bulbs?


The shelves are full of CFL light bulbs with the new regulation going into effect Jan. 2012, but are CFLs dangerous since they contain mercury?  Fluorescent lighting has been used in offices & schools since the 1930s, & all fluorescents contain a small amount – less than the tip of a pencil.  According to the American Lighting Association spokesperson, “There is no evidence from any research that has been done, that the small amount of mercury in a modern fluorescent bulb is harmful to humans or the environment, within certain limits.  There is no intrinsic danger in using fluorescent bulbs within our homes.  There is also now low-mercury CFLs available in the marketplace to help assuage consumer concerns,” he said.  He also recommended visiting for more information about the use of mercury in bulbs.