Colorado Ski Lodge Interior Design Firm

Our approach to designing your luxury ski lodge

Our Colorado ski lodge interior design firm takes a far different approach to designing the inside of a lodge than we would a traditional home or work space. When it comes to designing these types of spaces, we subscribe to some of the following schools of thought.

  • For starters, Design House aims to retain the rustic vibe and feel that most ski lodges inherently have. Our ability to develop luxury ski lodge interior designs for Colorado properties comes from the use of classic furniture, accessories, artwork and other elements to achieve that style.
  • There is so much natural beauty found in Colorado. As a full service interior design firm, we work so that this is not lost in any type of ski lodge or property. Design House is able to find ways in which accentuate a great view and the beauty surrounding your facility.
  • Our full service interior design services that focus in Colorado also focuses on warmth — from the upholstery and textiles we select to making a warm, roaring fireplace as the centerpiece of the room. A ski lodge is somewhere that you should be able to come to warm up and rest in comfort.

Of course, these are just loose guidelines that we follow — we will design the interior of your ski lodge based on your needs and preferences. Find a time to consult with us and learn more about our dedicated interior design services for Colorado ski lodges and properties. We look forward to getting started on your project.

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With extensive experience working in these settings, Design House is a trusted Colorado full services ski lodge interior design firm. We have the knowledge and resources to transform your ski lodge and make it feel like the ideal home away from home.

As an experienced full services ski lodge interior design firm in Colorado, Design House can walk you through every phase of the decorating project — from developing a concept, sourcing the necessary décor and implementing it.