How has Interior Design Changed and Evolved over the Years in Houston?


I began DHI working alone as a designer, which honestly is not the best way to begin.  However, it worked for me at the time with small children.  As they grew up and I got busier with more work, I added office support, then design assistance, and more of both as needed.  After becoming frustrated with not being able to find enough unique product for clients, I began traveling and buying for them and eventually decided to open the Design House Showroom to make the collection available to others.  Since then the showroom has been expanded several times.  Next on the agenda, I hope to introduce some of our own lines.  We already customize a lot of the product we receive.

Design in Houston has always been exciting because it is such an international city, but this has of course been escalated by technology so that there is an immediate connection with the rest of the world, rather than waiting for it to filter down through fashion and imports or travel.  Global influences have always been there, but now are much more accessible – easily and instantly.  However, it does require a lot of evaluation, scrutiny and knowledge to sort out what is good and of value.