Modern Wallpaper / Wallcoverings – Types and Where to Use

Hang Ups?

We all know it’s a big NO to those robo calls but a big YES to wallcoverings today!  You may have some hang ups about using wallcovering though, if you remember when it was not only hard to install but a nightmare to remove.  Fast forward to the wallcoverings of today and technology has improved and made them so different and exciting!  The texture and sustainability of wallpapers are much improved and they can add so much interest to not only the walls, but ceilings, furniture, built-ins, and even stair risers. 

Modern Day Wallpaper

The options are so current and diversified that the design opportunities are endless.  Whether you are traditional or contemporary, floral or geometric, bright colors or subdued, seeking quiet elegance, gloss or metallic, a stucco or wood faux finish, glass beads, peacock feathers, or embedded LED lighting, the statement will be impactful and an easy way to update your space!

Where to Use Wallpaper

Accent Wall

Modern Wallpaper / Wallcoverings - Types and Where to Use 1

Photo by York Wallpaper RY2817

Next, you will want to determine how you want to use these great new options.  Do you want a feature wall, such as behind a bed or seating area, or to create drama or just an exciting finish on a ceiling? 

Powder Room Wallpaper

Modern Wallpaper / Wallcoverings - Types and Where to Use 2

Photo by Thibaut, Wallpaper Pattern: Maryse in Metallic on Navy from Artisan Collection

One of the most popular uses of the bold papers is in powder rooms. What better place to have a little fun and add some personality! You don’t have a moisture problem here, and the space is smaller, so you can really go as bold as you want. In a full bathroom, however, do be certain to make sure there is proper ventilation and use a water resistant vinyl to be safe.

Update Furniture with Wallpaper

Modern Wallpaper / Wallcoverings - Types and Where to Use 3

Photo by

Covering a boring, perhaps damaged or scratched piece of furniture can give it a whole new, current look. Usually a grass cloth or textured linen is good for this, although we recently used a chinoiserie paper to make a piece of furniture for a specific size and space needed.

Stair Risers

Modern Wallpaper / Wallcoverings - Types and Where to Use 4

Photo from Brewster Wallpaper

Another dramatic use of wallcovering can be on stair risers, with the proper adhesive and protective coating added.

Importance of a great installer!

Of course, working with a knowledgeable installer is important, because installation varies depending on the product being installed.  You should also rely on your installer for the final estimate of how many rolls to order.  It can get to be a little confusing with whether the wallpaper only comes in double rolls or single, factoring in the repeats of the pattern, deducting for windows and doors, figuring out if there is shading with the texture and if the wallpaper needs to be turned, and determining if the wallcovering will show seams, etc.  In addition, your installer will make sure that the wall is properly prepared and will use the best adhesive for your particular wallcovering.  In the end, using quality wallpaper and having a great installer will provide results that are dramatic and add a lot of personality to your space. 

So, answer the call!

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