High Point spring Market 2021

After having markets cancelled, and virtually attending markets from New York to India for over a year, I was eager to actually be present at, sit, touch and evaluate in person for all of you!  I am going to give you an honest report with the pros and cons, but still there were discoveries and directions observed!

I’m betting that you all are aware of the many issues our industry has had during the pandemic with factories being shut down all over the world, resulting soaring pricing of shipping and freight, and then our local freeze shutting down the chemical producers which product is needed in the production of foam for upholstery.  But each of these events is a story within itself, so back to market.

Back to Market

Several of the manufacturers decided not to attend or make product for market.  They were instead concentrating on fulfilling customers’ existing orders, which was a great move for our customers.  This did allow me more time, though, to explore new sources and products that I am excited to share.

2021 Style spotting

Everyone knows by now that I don’t really like the term “trends”, and always say to “trend lightly.”  But trends are there, so I will talk about them. That doesn’t mean you have to be a trend follower.  Only if you love it and will be happy living with it.  It does mean though that there are certain colors, fabrics, themes and directions in abundance that were observed this market.  So maybe it is how trends are used that I am not a fan of since I do love to see new introductions.

To Market, to Market - Finally! 1


Texture is definitely a continuing trend.  Boucle fabric was on upholstery in just about every showroom.  Perhaps this relates to the Hygge vibe of cozy and warm feelings.  Texture was also on casegoods and accessories.  A cabinet might have a mix of grasscloth or linen applied to the drawers with the wood of choice surrounding for the structure. Coming soon to the showroom are accessories with a lot of texture like vases with sea barnacles.

To Market, to Market - Finally! 2

Bouclé Stool

To Market, to Market - Finally! 3

Hide on Hair Chest

To Market, to Market - Finally! 4

Hide on Hair

To Market, to Market - Finally! 5

Lacquer Desk with Grasscloth Drawer

To Market, to Market - Finally! 6



There was a continued strong interpretation of nature in all products, so biophilia remains important.  Rattans, weaves, bamboo, seagrass and sisal, were evident on furniture, lighting and accessories.  And a lot of other natural materials like stone, wood and metal were used for everything from stone bowls & candles (pictured in photo on right), sconces and chandeliers to of course tables. 

To Market, to Market - Finally! 7

River Stone Candles 

To Market, to Market - Finally! 8

Flora Credenza

To Market, to Market - Finally! 9


Curves are in!  They were the defining element for sofas, chairs, sectionals, and case goods.  Some were very inviting and gracious, but there were a few that resembled a challenge to put sausage rolls together to form a chair.  Now that is a trend that may not have the longevity of others. But the curvaceous edges and pieces with sloping arms create a flow, and this trend from the past is being welcomed back.  

To Market, to Market - Finally! 10

Curved Sofa

To Market, to Market - Finally! 12

Curved Lounge Chair


As for colors, blue was everywhere, and especially in a classic blue, but I did see an emerging amount of green.  Warm tones were in evidence, but gray isn’t going away; it’s just warmer.  Caramel, neutral beiges, browns and spice colors were mixed in.  And the black and whites were everywhere. I noticed these used a lot in an ethnic mix which was all over market.

To Market, to Market - Finally! 13
To Market, to Market - Finally! 14
John Richard Table Tree
To Market, to Market - Finally! 15

Blue & Green Jewel tones + Black & White were seen all over Market

outdoor living

More and more companies are producing outdoor furniture, probably because as the public’s appreciation of the home environment has grown during the pandemic, so has the demand for this to extend to their outdoors.  Now it is hard to distinguish the indoor from the outdoor with so many fully upholstered pieces.

To Market, to Market - Finally! 16

I’m not a great fan of some of these unless used under cover and with someone available to keep them up with our pollen, rains, etc.  But they are beautiful when kept up, and when the proper foam was used in the manufacturing of them so they drain quickly.  Here you will also see a mix of textures and materials, which does make it look like an extension of your indoor living spaces.

To Market, to Market - Finally! 17

Sockweave Daybed

To Market, to Market - Finally! 18

Wicker Interior Daybed with Outdoor Aesthetic

That’s a Wrap

Yes, there were many empty or minimal spaces and that was sad, but all who were there, whether showing or buying, were celebrating being there with a good attitude and energy.  The supply chain challenges still exist, but it is reported that delivery times may normalize by the second half of the year.  I’m not sure what will happen with the inflated costs incurred by the shipping and delivery rates.  Seems rare to see reductions, while more regular to see increases.  We are keeping a close watch on all of this and what is becoming available, and we are happy to source from many vendors to help you with your project needs.

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