What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design?

Can you believe it is 2019 already? 

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and family, but now that you have taken down the holiday decorations, is your home looking a little tired and needy? We all look for that fresh start for the New Year and make our resolutions, typically about how we can improve ourselves, but let’s think about the environment that you spend so much time in and how it can affect your happiness and health! Below are some predictions for what’s coming design wise in 2019.


Of course the Colors of the Year have been revealed, which you may have already seen, and those are always interesting, but please make the space you live in yours and not dictated by these predictions, unless you absolutely love them and they suit your environment. A home should reflect who you are and how you live, so surely it has to be personalized. Of interest though, are Pantone’s Living Coral- with the warmth of nature, Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan- a calming gray, Sherwin Williams’ Cavern Clay- another color of nature, and Behr’s Blueprint- a mid-tone blue. These are some of the most well-known sources, but many other manufacturers are coming up with their own Color of the Year. As for the most immediate facelift of your home, nothing can beat paint! Remember, for an allergy free experience, look at the zero VOC paints.

For furnishings, you can expect to see a neutral palette that is not as gray as the long standing previous trend, but more toward light sand, or warmer gray, and even tinted pastels. Also popping up are the bold colors, from ethnic to neon, much like the fashion industry. Black and white, with its combination creating both balance and boldness, will continue to be a good pairing. It is reported that there are more charcoal or versions-of-black kitchens being ordered now as well.

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 1

Pantone – Living Color

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 2

Sherwin Williams – Cavern Clay

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 3

Benjamin Moore – Metropolitan

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 4

Behr – Blueprint


People are loving the feel and warmth, emotionally and physically, of textures in their environments, from floor carpets, to the seating, bedding and soft throws. Velvets continue to be strong, especially now that technology has made them more practical, with great abrasion resistance and cleanability. They now can be used in luxurious and elegant settings when they are made with a silk or linen fiber. Many new performance fabric versions are family friendly and thus suitable for areas with heavier use, perhaps among children and pets.

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 5

Thibaut Pasadena Chair

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 6

Layered Look


You may be surprised, and may not agree, but florals, botanicals and chintz are back! They are being layered with different patterns in rooms, much as fashion is doing with clothing. This can move more toward the maximalism trend with lots of different mismatched fabrics.  Also watch for the shell and scallop shapes which will be seen in furniture, accessories and wallcovering.  And don’t forget about wallcovering for a dramic addition to your home, on the walls, the ceiling, as a furniture finish, or even risers on steps, of course with protective coating.

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 7

Thibaut – Sunburst Wallpaper

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 8

Wallquest – The Woodlands Collection Wallpaper

Mixed Metals

The use of mixed metals, that has become so popular, continues, but gold, copper, matte brass and black will dominate the new scene. Pewter and gunmetal may be a little softer look.   Imagine the charcoal cabinets with the brass and copper as fixtures and a sink – definitely a dramatic look! Of course, the mixed metals are to be found in abundance in lighting and accessories, but they can even be found on a complete console and lots of chairs and furniture accents.

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 9

Currey and Company


Technology is affecting all of our products and the way we use our spaces. The connected home is now so much more available and inexpensive. We have had integrated systems that allow you to control the window coverings, fireplace, lighting, entertainment, etc. for a while (and some are very elaborate in what all they can do) but now, even something as affordable as Amazon Echo and Google Home (which are rapidly adding to their commands) are more reasonably accessible and can be taken with you when you move. In 2016, there were 80 million smart home devices purchased and it is predicted that the number will reach more than 53 billion by 2022.  Voice interaction will take over for all those remotes.

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas with many exciting new options to simplify your life, and the controls are becoming more intuitive and easy to use. There are innovative 3D faucets that make you wonder how the water got there with all the openings! Look for the volcanic lava stone and great concrete tiles that have been developed for the kitchen and bath. There are way too many to write about here, so get with your designer before you start remodeling or building those new spaces!

More new designs of architectural robotics furniture pieces will become available, like the Cloud Bed, that can be raised and lowered from an integrated dropped ceiling.  When raised, there is a sofa and coffee table underneath that becomes your study or living area. The sofa’s back is the bed’s headboard and the coffee table supports the bed’s frame. Also, check out the pocket closet which doubles your storage space in tiny areas.  When I was recently in Spain, a manufacturer showed us the prototype chair for offices that will tell you when you are slouching, including anything that might be detrimental, and when it is time for you to get up and move, or elevate your sit/stand desk.

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 10

Sofa and Coffee Table Set Up

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 11

Down as Bed


Sustainable products will grow more in what is now available and the demand for them.  Perhaps it is just up-cycling an old piece of furniture or accessory with a coat of bright paint, to make a real standout, fun, accent piece, or making more conscious decisions about where the product comes from, and whether it can be recycled. You can look for vegan furniture, also.  How about a corrugated cardboard bed made by Happy Beds?

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 12

Image by In My Own Style

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 13

Image by In My Own Style

What Will 2019 Bring to Interior Design? 14

Vegan Bed


I would add that I think we will see more curved furniture and vintage and artisan pieces.  Also, there seems to be more requests for a little more traditional, or “brown” furniture to mix in, but then, at Design House, we always strive to have a variety of curated selections from various periods and origins on our floor, and certainly available for sourcing and order.  Additionally, we have numerous lines we can help the customer create their own custom pieces with. So, let’s all get busy giving our interiors a fresh start, as well as ourselves!

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