New Innovative and Exciting Ways to Use Wallpaper

If you haven’t taken time to peruse today’s wallpapers, you are missing an opportunity to get the “creative juices” flowing! It is really a treat to see what is out there today and what you can do with it.

There are explosions of giant flowers for instant drama and whimsy, to much more tame but exciting grasscloths with texture and woven metallics. You can create so much interest in art for the ceiling with various wallcoverings, and even contrast them with a different wallcovering for the walls. Or you could do an accent wall or walls behind bookshelves. Paper over the doors or cabinets in a poweder room to make them disappear. Wrapping furniture in wallpaper can totally transform it into a piece of art and a much more outstanding point of interest. And what about wallpaper on stair risers? A new idea I recently heard of someone doing, and why not? You can apply a protective coat on it as you would on the piece of furniture covered in wallpaper.

One other use I am dying to use is one of the LED wallpapers that looks like a huge room height chandelier that would have the LED lights imbedded in it. Imagine at the end of a hallway – how unexpected and fun! You may want to take some time to explore the wallcovering room at Fabric House. It can be inspirational!

You may want to take some time to explore the wallcovering room at Fabric House. It can be inspirational!

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