Choosing Showroom Artwork


As a designer here at Design House, choosing art for our showroom has been one of my favorite things to do. I was a painting major and it’s a dream come true to be around so much art every day.

Just this week, an art vendor stopped by, loaded with decorative paintings and collection pieces of all sizes. He started bringing them out, and as the sun glistened and reflected on the glass and resin of this mixed media piece, I immediately recognized it!

This artist is Mary Hong from Grayton Beach, Florida, one of my favorite places on Earth. I remember seeing the art for the first time 10 years ago and thinking it was so cool that she used recycled and found glass on her canvas. It actually looks elegant and gives you a great feeling. Hong pours on a clear resin to finish her paintings and this really makes the light bounce from shard to shard.

She tends to keep her colors light and breezy but the angled, hard-edged glass slices keep it contemporary. These pieces are versatile and can go in a bathroom, bedroom or living area!