Evolution of lighting causes interior designer bulb hoarding?


Have you been storing light bulbs like a squirrel because you heard the government was banning incandescent light bulbs?  You are not alone, but no, they are not.  However, the wattage is being trimmed.   At the start of 2012, the 100 watt bulb will not be available but it must produce the same amount of light at no more than 72 watts.  In 2013, the 75 watt will be cut to 53 watts, followed by the 60 watt & 40 watt in 2014.  And there are dozens of incandescent that are not even being addressed in this legislation – twenty-two categories are exempted including candelabra base & three-way incandescent.  All of this was enacted to improve our energy independence & boost product efficiency.  But we have great news about new product that not only will be more efficient, but you won’t have to change as often.  Stay tuned..much more on this subject…!

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