High Point Market (Fall 2018) – Trends

High Point Market (Fall 2018): Trends Continued

The climate of our society today and our hectic lives, along with increasing technology, makes us yearn for simpler times and quiet comfort.  However, we still take advantage of technology that offers us products to make our lives easier and more comfortable.  As we often bring back previous designs with a cleaner look and more appropriate scale, we also, in wishing for those more simple times, appreciate the modern conveniences that make our days more comfortable.

We anxiously wait for what’s new and next, so here’s my take on what I saw and want to share from this fall’s High Point Market.

The warm metallic colors continued, along with minerals, used as accessories, art, lighting and furniture.  Stone and concrete were also abundant, both indoors and outdoors, on furniture and accessories, and mixed with both metals and wood.

Texture was also evident in the many uses of rope and woven accessories and furniture.  You will see examples of ottomans, chairs, accent usage with other materials on furniture, light fixtures and even planters that look like rope, but were concrete.

There was a strong use of black, mixed with white or natural, and also gold tones.  This could be seen as accents in all phases of production.  There were pops of reds, greens, and of course lots of blues in varying shades, with probably the most dominant blue being in the cobalt range.

An interesting technique used on some furniture pieces was pleating around the backs of upholstered chairs or sofas, and even on wood pieces. Of course, various forms of tufting were still popular. There were various examples of curved pieces, perhaps for enveloping comfort or drama.

Watch for the resurgence of natural wood, more motion furniture and design solutions shaped by technology.

For all of you Texan fans, we saw an abundant array of equestrian art. Styles ranged from realistic photography to abstract art. In interior design we continue to celebrate the past alongside the modern convenience of technology and comfort. We look forward to what lies ahead in design and the new styles that we will see at the next market.

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