Innovative and Sustainable Outdoor Furnishings


Something fun and different I saw at market this year were some great “forward thinking” outdoor furnishings and decor. These eye-catching pieces were made with innovative materials, such as ceramics, metals, concrete and recycled bottles; all of which can be mixed and matched together to elevate and freshen up your indoor and outdoor areas.  Some of the most interesting and unusual were sophisticated versions of the cozy “bean bag chairs”, made with the use of recycled materials with hand woven textures and their simple, sleek sculptured shapes which are easy to drain because they are filled with polystyrene beads.  Also, they can be added to or removed as needed, and they will be be available in the Sunbrella fabrics in the future. These unique options were occupanied by brightly colored, glazed ceramic tables and stools, available in a variety of shapes and color combinations including turquoise, orange, red & apple green.  The ceramic pieces are also available in vases, bowls, urns, jars, planters & fountains.  Many of these pieces such as the modern metal furnishings, the architectural light weight concrete tables, chairs, ottomans and planters as well as the ceramic pieces would make striking statements in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The look of the light-weight concrete tables and planters  has been softened with natural sands and hemp-like grass so no two are exactly the same.  They are not only durable but sustainable – constructed from biodegradable materials, “the pieces both withstand and find peace in the forces of nature.”  I even saw cool floor lamps for the exterior which are light and sleek—they unflinchingly endure the most relentless winds and storms, courtesy of an architecturally designed mechanism that easily anchors the base to your outdoor surface. As the winner of the 2010 European Red Dot Design award. All of these pieces were not only progressively stunning, but amazingly practical and comfortable…a perfect solution for transforming any space into a dreamscape, and available soon at Design House.