Is your Kitchen Making you Fat?


Interesting article out of the UK recently paralleled how as kitchens have almost doubled in size since l920, women have added on average half an inch to their busts, an inch to their waists and three-quarters of an inch to their hips each decade.  Have we made this “heart of the home” so large, luxurious & the place where the whole family hangs out so that we don’t leave it?  A recent survey says we spend more waking hours in the kitchen than anywhere else.  Of course so many are now open & part of the family living space.  As we are not only eating, but relaxing, doing homework, making phone calls, reading the paper, surfing the internet & watching TV, are we munching distractedly?  And as the countertops get cluttered with newspapers & mail, it is harder to find space to pull out the utensils & prepare a healthy meal, so perhaps it’s quick food.

I know we don’t want to give up our wonderful kitchens & the good family time spent there, so perhaps we have to learn some new ways of more conscious eating.  Using a 2 inch smaller plate can trim off 200 calories a day & can equate to a 2lb weight loss in a month.  Hide the food away in pantries except for the fruit bowl.  If the lighting is too bright, it can cause stress levels to rise, stimulating your appetite & make you eat quickly, so lower them when you eat.  Even the color of your wall can have an impact.  Go for a cooler,silvery shades rather than warmer colors, which research shows can tempt you to eat up to 33% more.