So what will replace the 100 watt light bulb?


So what will replace the 100 watt light bulb as of Jan. 1, 2012?  One option is the halogen A19 light.  This bulb is a 72 watt incandescent that has halogen technology.  Another option to get the same amount of light is the 26 watt CFL (compact fluorescent light).  Just get the warm tone one to look more like the incandescent, rather than the cool tone.  The smaller the number, the warmer the light.  A warm, yellow light rates 2,700; a cool blue scores 5000.  But help with this is on the way.  New labeling goes into effect in 2012, which will include information about brightness, cost to operate, bulb life expectancy, light appearance, & wattage.  Labels must also include a disclosure for bulbs containing mercury.  More to follow on the mercury issue, differences in CFLs & halogens & how long they last; & of course we will fill you in on the latest with LEDs.

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