The color GREEN; as a Pigment and a Movement


This is some interesting information recently read about GREEN as the color used to paint an enviromental movement. It automatically makes since that GREEN would be the pigment chosen for obvious reasons (nature) but it is actually strange because the GREEN pigments are actually toxic. Even with all the new and modern dyes pigments and technology advancements, GREEN is still problematic for several reasons. According to a man Micheal Braungart,” it is impossible to dye plastic green or to print green ink on paper without contaminating them”. In the past GREEN often faded and at times, even burned holes in canvas due to the arsenic. The arsenic “off gased toxic fumes and led to many deaths” back in the 18th and 19th century…possibly including Napoleon Bonaparte in 1821! “Paris Green” known to us as the shade Emerald Green was so toxic at one point that it was used to kill rats in the sewers in Paris. Now GREEN is the symbol of this great enviromental movement because the Canadians protested against charter ships and started a campaign against nuclear testing in Alaska which they called “Greenpeace” and since then “GREEN parties” emerged all around the world…interesting about GREEN, right?!