What is NEW in flooring? A few innovative and cool options for your floors!


coloring book wood floor

We recently installed liquid floor squares in a church area for youth.  These 2 ft squares can be dropped into complementary laminate flooring & spaced just far enough apart for the children to play on each.  They are colorful & the colors inside move as they step on them.  What fun & what a hit!  Would also be great in club or play room enviroment.

floor tiles that change color – touch sensitive

Here is another fun one for children.  With wood flooring from Carving Kids by Austrian manufacturer Mafi, kids can color directly on the wood flooring using crayons or markers.  They can be cleaned with Mafi soap.  This designer wood flooring has CNC-engraved smiley faces, kitty cats, & flowers, or more adult tartan & retro patterns.  When the children are older or you tire of it, it can be sanded to a regular oak floor.

How about wood flooring that plays music?  Walnut seems to work best for its sound transmission.  It vibrates best.  A CNC cutter creates grooves in the surface & when objects are rolled over it musical pitches are produced.  The space between the openings & the depth determines the volume.  This product is called Me-lo-dy.

What about an underwater wood floor?  This restaurant structure using Malaysian teak flooring was assembled on land & then submerged.  The glass top allows the fish to swim all around you as you are dining.  Yes, it is expensive.  Total construction cost was $5 million, but with lunch & dinner running $200 – $300 +, perhaps it’s not too much…?

‘water over wood’ floors in a restaurant

Something else to consider:  Hate your existing floors?  Instead of ripping them out you should know about dyes.  It isn’t the easiest nor quickest, but it is an option for the unique & for saving a floor.  The color options go from apx 15 for stain to endless for dye, & you can make a floor look totally different.  There is much to know about this & it can be used for wood floors, but do your research.  We recently used dye on old terrazzo flooring in a building we were renovating.  Stains hardly made a difference, but we were able to get some beautiful flooring in this space by dying them & were very sustainable!